What Differentiates Us

  • Technical Analysis - a trading discipline employed to evaluate investments and identify trading opportunities in price trends and patterns seen on charts

  • Sell Discipline - in my 20 years in wealth management, I have encountered a small fraction of financial advisors and financial consultants that actually employ a sell discipline.  Rather, they place the assets with SMAs or mutual funds and rely on them.  The issue here is that most are bound by their prospectus which mandates that they maintain no more than a 10% position in cash.  Great during a bull market, not so much during a bear market or major correction.  There have been 16 bear markets with an average loss of 38%.

  • Diversification - great way to mitigate risk if used properly.  Unfortunately, most advisors will automatically invest you in a pie chart of asset classes regardless of whether several of them are in a downtrend or not.

  • Timing - one of the most common phrases out there is that "you can't time the market!".  We disagree.  Through technical analysis, we will use buy signals that are based on price/volume and support/resistance to maximize returns and mitigate risk.

  • Affordable minimums - broker/dealer and bank channels gear their services toward $250,000 and above, while Pope Capital LLC has a minimum of $30,000.  All clients receive the same service and attention regardless of account size.

  • No quotas or "product" push - broker/dealers and banks have selling agreements with vendors and aggressively push their products.  Being an independent RIA, Pope Capital LLC will seek out investments that make the most sense for the client, not because of "kick-backs".

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